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Shiny Rose Gold and White Stripe Paper Drinking Straws (1 Pack of 100 Straws)


100 Shiny Rose Gold Stripe Paper Drinking Straws

As a wonderful addition to both all year and christmas drinks at just about any kind of celebration, classy gold stripe paper drinking straws SCREAM "That's the formalities over with; let's party!" You're a restaurateur or bar owner who always insists on everything being just right? Put gold stripe paper straws at the top of your shopping list - no party held at an eatery, pub, nightclub, beer garden or bar is complete without them. Shiny Rose Gold and white stripe paper straws will brighten up your table, not to mention all the little darlings' faces.

The straws are supplied in packets each containing 100 straws.

Pack Quantity: 100 Straws.
Features: Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, FBA , FSC Certified.
Material: Food Grade Biodegradable Paper using FSC certified managed sustainable sources.
Size: Length: 19.7cm, Inner Dia: 5.5mm, Outer Dia: 6mm

EAN: 0799632105176

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